State of Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Telecommunications Privacy Council

A Short Word of Explanation

Two documents are presented here. Both have been edited from their original form so as to make them more presentable in an HTTP format. No text has been intentionally added or removed, but the layout has been changed. I alone is responsible for this editing, any errors are mine.

This posting in such an obscure location is being done while the commission works at establishing its own permanent web site, please excuse this detour during construction. :-)

The Documents

The first of these documents is the report to the Commission. It is a report of previous work. It is most useful as a backgroud piece to aid in understanding.

The second is the recommended rule changes. This is the document that is presented for public comment at this time. Responses are due back by May 27th.

The committee normally expects comments to be submitted with 15 copies and in the ordinary mail. They are prepared to make all copies themselves this time as an experiment with this new media. Email address for those comments will be forthcoming very soon. Watch this space.

(This document is incomplete at the moment. It will shortly include instructions on how to make comments to the commission.)

May 8, 1996

L. P. Levine