Why Use AFS at UWM?

AFS is being used by some research groups at UWM. We are considering using it for class accounts as well. This web page contains some of the reasons why we are considering AFS for the whole department.

What is AFS?

AFS is an open-source distributed filesystem that uses Kerberos for security. It is available on just about all UNIX platforms (including MacOS 10) and on Windows. For more information see the OpenAFS web page and its FAQ pages.

What benefits would AFS bring to UWM students?

There are a number of benefits: There are also benefits that administrators can benefit from

What are some problems with using AFS?


AFS has been used successfully for CompSci 252 (Spring 2005), CompSci 552 (Fall 2003,2004,2005), CompSci 431 (Spring 2004) and CompSci 654 (Spring 2004, 2005). The CS UWM AFS cell now uses Kerberos V for authentication. We are getting new hardware (Dec. 2005) from Sun for AFS servers.