Statically Checkable Pattern Abstractions

by Manuel Fähndrich and John Boyland.


Pattern abstractions increase the expressiveness of pattern matching, enabling the programmer to describe a broader class of regular forests with patterns. Furthermore, pattern abstractions support code reuse and code factoring, features that facilitate maintenance and evolution of code. Past research on pattern abstractions has generally ignored the aspect of compile-time checks for exhaustiveness and redundancy. In this paper we propose a class of expressive patterns that admits these compile-time checks.

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How to get a copy

The paper has appeared in the proceedings of ICFP '97 (Amsterdam), published by ACM Press. The full text is available on the ACM server. You may also send email to for a reprint.


The data type definition given for the first example has no interesting values. It should be replaced by the following data type:

    datatype forest = Node of { label : int; children : forest list }
                    | Union of forest list


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