Incremental evaluators for remote attribute grammars

by John Boyland.


Remote attribute grammars use objects with separately defined fields to induce direct non-local dependencies in attribute grammars. Fields of an object may be read remotely from where it is created, and special ``collection'' fields may be written remotely as well. Building on earlier work which shows that remote attribute grammars can be scheduled statically, this paper shows how they may be implemented incrementally. The static schedule is used to ensure an object's fields are defined before they are read and that we never re-evaluate an attribute multiple times per edit-cycle. Dynamic dependencies are used to mark remote use sites as affected when a field is changed. The result is an efficient and practical incremental evaluation.

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How to Get a Copy

The article is available from the web site of ENTCS for volume 65. A draft (Postscript) of the article is available on this web server.

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