John Tang Boyland
Professor & Chair - Computer Science

Contact Information
OfficeEMS 925
Phone(414) 229-6986
FAX(414) 229-2769
US Mail Address
P O BOX 784

Research Interests

My interests include object-oriented programming languages, attribute grammars, pattern matching, analysis of programming languages, type systems for programming languages, extensible languages and programming environments.

In particular, I am currently actively involved in two specific areas:

  1. Research in applying software-engineering techniques to proof mechanization systems. In particular I maintain SASyLF. I have a list of potential projects using SASyLF.
  2. research in system to capture patterns of aliasing in object-oriented programs in order to avoid concurrency errors and abstraction leaks.

A copy of my CV is available.


I have two current doctoral students: Michael Ariotti and Amir Hesamian.


Our department is hosting a club of Girls Who Code for high school girls.

I am serving a three-year term as an "Overseas Advisory Professor'' at the Computer Science and Engineering department of Nanjing University of Science and Technology.

I chaired the premier European PL conference for 2015 ECOOP 2015. It was held in Prague, July 6-10.

I gave a summer school session at ECOOP. Slides (PDF) and handout (PDF -- formatted for A4) are available.

I have been collaborating with the SASyLF project of Jonathan Aldrich. at CMU since 2010.

I am serving on / have served on the program committees of OOPSLA 2016 (EPC), OOPSLA 2015, ECOOP 2015 (chair), ECOOP 2013, FOOL 2012 (chair), FTfJP 2012, ECOOP 2012, OOPSLA 2011 (ERC), FTfJP 2011, LDTA 2011, CATS 2011, and many others earlier.

A listing of papers, articles and reports is available.

I have been using Twelf and have some experiences to report and library proofs to share.

I am a proponent of using AFS at UWM.


In Spring semester 2019, I am teaching:

In previous semesters, I have taught: (most of the links will be dead)

If a student wishes to list me as a reference for employment or to write a recommendation for graduate school, they need to sign an authorization form (latex source available too) giving me permission to disclose academic performance.

Biographical Sketch

John Boyland grew up in rural Northern California and received his Bachelor's degree in 1987 in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. He continued his studies at the University of California, Berkeley under the direction of S. L. Graham. He received his Masters and Doctorate in 1989 and 1996, respectively. He then worked for two years as a post-doctoral fellow with William L. Scherlis at Carnegie Mellon University. He joined the UWM faculty in the Fall of 1998, and was promoted to Associate in August 2004 and to Full in August 2012. He spent full-year sabbaticals at Nanjing University in China (2006-07) and at ETH Zurich in Switzerland (2013-14) as a guest of Peter Müller. He was appointed Computer Science chair in 2015.

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