Computer Science 838: Program Analysis (Spring 2009)

Instructor:John Tang Boyland
Place:EMS E230
Time:TR 2:00-3:15pm


This course will serve as an introduction to program analysis: statically determining properties of programs. We will survey data-flow analysis, constraint-based analysis, and abstract interpretation. We will also look at many recent published examples of analysis. Each student will engage in a large project.

The textbook will be ``Principles of Program Analysis'' by Nielson, Nielson and Hankin (Springer).

The student should be familiar with some formal methods applied to programs, such as type systems (CompSci 732) or compilers (CompSci 754). The course also requires mathematical maturity; the student will need to write proofs, especially using lattices and induction. Please see the instructor if you are unsure whether you meet the prerequisites.



The following handouts are available.

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