Updated 12/06/2004

262-211 (Fall 2004): Introduction to Microcomputer Applications


Wutnipong   Sompamitr   (sompami2@uwm.edu)


Monday & Wednesday EMS E145 10:00-10:50pm (lecture) , EMS E280 11:00-11:50 (lab)

Office hours:

EMS W280, Mon & Wed 12:00-1:00PM

Introduction to applications of microcomputers and to advances in microcomputer technology. word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, database, computer communications and introduction to operating system are covered. Not open to compsci students for cr; not open for audit. Prereq: None


The course will cover Microsoft Office applications Word, Power Point, FrontPage, Excel, and Access. The course will also cover the internet, World Wide Web, Internet Explorer, email, and the Windows operating system. The course will cover these applications from a computer science perspective; basic computer science concepts will be discussed as they relate to microcomputers and their applications and operating system.

This course will include practical assignments utilizing each of the Microsoft Office applications. 3 Exams (closed books and notes) will be given in this course.

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